About Open IIoT

What is Open IIoT?

An Industry 4.0 collaboration of some of Australia’s most prominent automation brands – SMC Corporation, Beckhoff Automation, NORD Drivesystems and Balluff. In 2018, our members formed a cohort to deliver valuable, efficient and easy-to-understand information on IIOT and Industry 4.0.

As a group of multinationals we are able to draw on years of experience in Industry 4.0 knowledge, research and implementation.

What benefits can Industry 4.0 unlock for your organisation?

Increased workforce productivity and operational efficiency.

Real-time data visualisation for improved decision-making and predictions.

Cost reductions.

Stronger market adaptability.

Smart use and maintenance of equipment.

What’s the challenge?

Australian manufacturing needs to get ahead of the Industry 4.0 curve to ensure our global competitiveness. However, most companies don’t know where to start with implementation or believe it to be too expensive or complex.

Why choose Open IIoT as your Industry 4.0 partner?

Comprehensive Understanding

We work closely with clients to understand their organisation and core business needs, ensuring a tailored approach to your Industry 4.0 journey.

Strategic Roadmap

We design IoT roadmaps for all production facets to maintain integrity and efficiency, aligning technology solutions with your long-term goals.

Seamless Integration

Our partnership with IT results in sustainable solutions seamlessly integrated into your business operations, optimising efficiency and productivity.

Global Expertise

With a global footprint, we offer best-in-class solutions, providing access to international expertise for localised implementation and support.

Future-Proof Solutions

Open IIoT doesn't just solve current problems but also anticipates and addresses challenges that may arise in the future, ensuring long-term success. We offer scalable solutions aligned with your budget, business objectives, and growth plans.