Beckhoff Automation are a German, family owned company, founded in 1980 by Hans Beckhoff, who’s still the current Managing Director. Their main product groups are Industrial PCs and Software, I/O Systems and Motion Products.

They’ve been at the forefront of Open IIoT since its inception and have representation on the OPC Foundation. They’ve aligned ourselves closely with all the developments surrounding Industries 4.0 and Industrial IoT, thus ensuring our products are compatible with them.

Beckhoff Automation offer PC-based control systems, along with modular software solutions that are easy to implement as they require minimal hardware changes. They also provide unlimited free testing of modules to ensure customer satisfaction before committing to purchase. The use of IPCs offers excellent interoperability, as it is the most commonly used computer platform. Interfacing with existing or legacy systems is a common requirement, and they support all the most frequently used industrial protocols. In the future, connection to the cloud will become second nature and the new norm. From there, issues like data collection, analysis, backups, etc., will all become standard features. They already have the products to enable this and will soon be releasing their Cloudbased engineering suite, where the cloud hosts program development.
Beckhoff Automation seek to service a wide range of industries by supplying highly functional, open systems. While machine control has been their core business for many years, applications are increasingly being found in nontraditional markets such as the process industry, building automation, and mining. Their products are even being used by competitors in the America’s Cup yacht race and the entertainment industry, with its large-scale productions.
  • MQTT
  • OPC UA
  • IPCs and Edge computing
  • OT connectivity
  • TLS (for secure connections)
  • Windows Operating Systems
  • TC/BCD Hypervisor for Linux-based systems
  • JSON plus the ability to addon to third-party software.
  • Highspeed and deterministic data gathering through EtherCAT remote networks.

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