Balluff, a family-run company for four generations, started in Neuhausen near Stuttgart. Today, we are a leading global sensor and automation specialist, fostering innovation and long-lasting customer relationships.

With 38 subsidiaries and representatives across 61 countries, we ensure top-notch delivery times, reliability, transparent material flow, and clear responsibilities. Agile methods drive our success, all while maintaining unwavering quality, crucial for our customers.

Balluff started to develop an ‘Industry 4.0’ or IIoT profile in 2014-2015, however many of our IIoT solutions in specific industries predate this.

Our company offers a comprehensive range of IIoT and smart automation solutions, encompassing hardware, middleware, software, and intelligent system solutions. We prioritise the IO-Link communication standard, which is ideally suited for the IIoT. Our solutions are designed with standardised interfaces and protocols, ensuring seamless integration into your existing enterprise systems and common platforms. For the Industrial Internet of Things to function effectively, hardware components such as sensors, RFID, and network devices play a crucial role in generating and transporting essential data for various applications. Leveraging our extensive product portfolio and years of automation expertise, we provide a strong foundation for the continuous development of new IIoT-capable solutions. Our commitment to open standards allows for compatibility with your existing IIoT infrastructure and widely-used platforms. Our IIoT solutions offer several innovative features that set them apart:
  • Digital Protocol Sensors: Many of our sensors, including those using the IO-Link communication standard, provide pre-processed process and service data. This data proves invaluable for IIoT applications, allowing for real-time monitoring and the reduction of equipment downtime by keeping tabs on sensor switching functions.
  • Magnetic Field Positioning Systems: Take, for example, our BMP magnetic field positioning system with an IO-Link interface. It supports concepts like condition monitoring by offering additional pre-processed data such as internal temperature, operating hours, and switching cycles.
  • Simplified Communication with Network Blocks: We’ve enhanced communication with IO-Link network devices like the BNI network block for Profinet. In addition to web server configuration, you can now utilise a REST API as a programming interface, making it easier to exchange data with these blocks and transport information to the IT level.
  • Direct Edge-Level Communication with RFID Processor Unit: Our BIS V RFID processor unit features both TCP/IP and USB interfaces, enabling direct communication with the edge level. This versatility allows PC-based systems to connect and be utilised, for instance, in digital tool management on machining centres or machine tools.
  • Life science
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Steel and metallurgical industry
  • Drive technology
  • Metalworking
  • Mobile equipment
  • Packaging, foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • Battery industry
  • Automobile industry and suppliers
  • Fluid power technology
  • Plastic industry
  • Intralogistic
  • Energy production
  • Electronics industry
  • MQTT
  • OPC UA
  • Edge computing)
  • IO-Link
  • JSON for IO-Link
  • Restful API.

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