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EtherCAT: Open Beckhoff technology sets record with 3,000 vendor IDs

2 - minute read

Beckhoff introduced the EtherCAT real-time Ethernet system to the market in 2003 and disclosed its details within the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) the same year. The ultrafast communication system has taken the automation world by storm ever since, says Thomas Rettig, Senior Manager of Control Systems and Communication Architecture at Beckhoff – a fact that […]

Are machine diagnostics overburdening our PLCs?

3 - minute read

In today’s world, we depend on the PLC to be our eyes and ears on the health of our automation machines. We depend on them to know when there has been an equipment failure or when preventative maintenance is needed. To gain this level of diagnostics, the PLC must do more work, i.e. more rungs […]

Using Data to Drive Plant Productivity

3 - minute read

What is keeping us from boosting productivity in our plants to the next level? During a recent presentation on Industry 4.0 and IIoT, I was asked this question. The single biggest thing, in my opinion, that is keeping us from boosting productivity to the next level is a lack of DATA. Specifically, data about the systems and […]

Condition Monitoring Sensor

< 1 - minute read

The multi-functional condition monitoring sensor BCM captures various physical variables such as vibration, temperature, relative humidity and ambient pressure, processes them on board and provides the desired data to a host system via IO-Link. This intelligent sensor provides condition information which you can use to plan maintenance and repairs and to automate cost-intensive manual inspections.

Report: companies need to overcome hesitation to reap Industry 4.0 benefits

2 - minute read

A new report on digitalisation in Australia’s industries indicates that there is still widespread hesitation when it comes to embracing Industry 4.0 technologies due to perceptions of high costs. The Demystifying Industry 4.0: Helping SMEs lay the tracks for Australia’s digitalisation express train white paper follows in-depth interviews with over a dozen company executives and ongoing engagement […]

Shaping the future at CEBIT 2019

2 - minute read

CEBIT Australia took place at Sydney’s International Convention Centre this week. Running between 29 and 31 October, CEBIT 2019 featured over 200 expert speakers. They delivered keynote presentations, panel discussions, workshops and lightning talks. Among these sessions was ‘How next generation AI and robots can disrupt supply chains – A story about the Australian dairy […]

Investing in IIoT – part 5

2 - minute read

“The investment of production technology is normally a long-term investment so you you will have to rely on it for 10 to 15 years. So, basically what you want to do is you want to invest in a modular concept.”

Investing in IIoT – part 4

2 - minute read

“For me, any organisation or company looking to make an investment for the future needs to be open to new ways and technology. It’s key, it’s paramount. But also, they must commit to making the change, even in small steps.”