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Open IIoT Demonstration Day

1 - minute read

 Join us as we explore the steps to implementation of Industry 4.0 You’ve heard all about it, but have you seen it in action? The Open IIoTgroup invites you to view Industry 4.0 in action and learn the steps you can follow to make this happen in your factory. It’s all about implementation and practical solutions to your […]


3 - minute read

Production processes in milling centers typically use cooling liquids (in order to reduce friction, to cool tool as well as workpiece and to remove metal chips). This way cooling liquids assist to optimize the machining processes. Level sensing For the creation of production equipment Balluff uses several milling centers. Their used cooling liquid typically once […]

Robotics: The Next Evolution in Flexible Manufacturing

3 - minute read

An increasing number of manufacturers are under pressure to produce outstanding products and reduce their costs in a competitive market. Often, these pressures are intensified in a company of global scale. As a result, new ways of thinking thrive. These range from the adoption of Industrial IoT technologies to the implementation of robotics. The application […]

CIO upfront: IT versus OT – why they’re converging, and why you should care before it’s too late

4 - minute read

As manufacturing technology has evolved over the decades, IT has played an increasingly important role. However, throughout the Industry 3.0 era, with the introduction of computer control and automation, IT has remained largely separate from OT (operational technology) in the manufacturing environment.  While traditionally, IT and OT have played different roles, they do in fact […]

Automation, Control Systems & Industrial IoT: Creating Flexible Manufacturing Systems

5 - minute read

Flexibility is key to survival. We need to constantly change our ways of thinking and manufacturing to thrive. There is no such thing as business as usual in manufacturing and there shouldn’t be. You need to consistently innovate to meet the demands of your customers. There are clear challenges in forecasting these demands. The best […]


2 - minute read

BAE Systems Australia and the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) will co-fund a project into Industry 4.0 for the world’s biggest defence program, the Joint Strike Fighter. The $750,000 project will develop a new approach to supply chain digitalisation that avoids the use of expensive, proprietary software. The reliance on this type of prohibitive software […]

Open IIoT: Education key to implementation

1 - minute read

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is one of the hot topics at AUSPACK, as a group of technology developers presents the benefits of collaborative internet enabled solutions, and says educating the market will be key to its implementation. Jason Bouyer, managing director of Balluff in Australia is on the Open IIoT stand, which represents […]

Open IIoT’s panel joins forces to bring a demo system to life for AUSPACK 2019

2 - minute read

With collaboration being one of the leading drivers for the 4th industrial revolution and IIoT, the purpose of Open IIoT’s live demo system at AUSPACK 2019 is to emulate exactly this.   Beyond human interaction, collaboration now reaches across all automation components – at the very edge of the production system! Through the physical layer, […]

Group Technology: Operational excellence in the Industry 4.0 era

5 - minute read

From before the Industrial Revolution until the present day, manufacturers have shared common goals: producing a certain number of parts, in a certain amount of time, at a certain cost. Despite the advent of Industry 4.0, operational excellence remains the core driver of productivity and efficiency. Manufacturing processes have evolved from craft-made single-item methods to […]

Why small manufacturers are uniquely suited for the digital era

3 - minute read

It is a great time to be a small business in manufacturing. Today’s digital disruption is about ideas, not major capital investments or facilities with sprawling footprints. Although it’s true that larger companies possess more resources, with the right technology, small companies can behave like large ones – while still retaining the agility that makes […]