Key To Unlocking Maximum Value from Industry 4.0

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– Combining IT and Operations

No matter how efficient your production output is, if Industry 4.0 technologies are not used to capture and visualise the data of these processes, true manufacturing success cannot be realised.

This was noticed first-hand by Darren S., Information System Manager at proudly Australian company MTM Pty. Ltd. For years, the company had to rely on a manual data collection and visualisation system that was slow and arduous, and could only be accessed via a VPN.

Darren describes the day that he met with Jim Wallace, Open IIoT member and Sales Manager of Balluff APAC as a “lightbulb moment”. Jim helped Darren and his team integrate the code that they had been running to transmit previously into Balluff’s Industry 4.0 technologies using JSON: JavaScript Object Notation. JSON automatically captured 10 000 records a second and uploaded the data to the database every five seconds.

This meant that the database was being populated with real-time measurement and this data visualisation could be accessed from anywhere.

Want to know more? Read the full case study HERE.

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