Open IIoT Group Launches the Podcast of the Year

As a cohort of some of Australia’s most prominent automation brands, ‘breaking through the jargon’ to make complex smart manufacturing concepts simple, an Open IIoT podcast is a long time coming. 

“Given the recent renewed focus on digitising manufacturing techniques and the shift from traditional manufacturing to advanced manufacturing, this is the perfect time to launch the ‘Industry 4.0 and Beyond’ podcast,” says Jozef Ceh, SMC Corporation Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 Manager.  

“While our members try to attend key exhibitions and events, we know that not everyone has the resources or time needed to attend these events. In our efforts to democratise access to vital information, we wanted to share our experience and knowledge on a platform that could be reached by anyone, regardless of geographical limitations,” he adds. 

Jozef will be stepping into a moderator role as the host of many of the upcoming episodes, alternating with fellow Open IIoT member Wade Leslie of KUKA Robot Automation. Rounding out the cohort is Beckhoff Automation, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, Balluff, and ZI-Argus as they share fascinating case studies and discuss the latest trends in IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and advanced manufacturing. 

Asked what listeners can expect from the podcast, Jozef shares that Open IIoT members will be joined by customers and partners from a multitude of industries and manufacturing sectors as they discuss new technologies, the benefits that IIoT has brought to their company, the challenges they face and what they wished they knew before embarking on Industry 4.0 implementation. 

“We’ll cover diverse topics such as how Industry 4.0 can help Australia getting back on track to meet its recycling goals, the role of IIoT in creating ‘smart’ buildings, the key to unlocking maximum value from Industry 4.0, understanding programmable logic controllers and much more. With our standard approach to avoiding buzzwords and wading through the jargon, we’ll make these concepts practical, applicable and easy to understand,” he says. 

Podcast Launch at Modern Manufacturing Expo 

As a future-thinking podcast, there could be no better place for a launch than a similarly future-thinking event: the Modern Manufacturing Expo on 20 and 21 September at the Sydney Showgrounds. 

Open IIoT is a Foundation Partner of the Expo, which will be a space for visitors and industry-leaders to explore the latest in intelligent products, equipment and technology for Australian manufacturers in order to drive the shift required in advanced manufacturing. 

The first episode of the Industry 4.0 and Beyond podcast will be recorded during the Expo and will be available for download on your usual streaming platforms. 

“Our goal for this podcast is that it will ensure that our listeners gain an understanding of new technologies and approaches that will guide them in unlocking IIoT opportunities for commercial value – and ultimately advance Australia’s economy through smart manufacturing,” Jozef concludes. 

Open IIOT Podcast launch