The new KR SCARA robots

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The new KR SCARA robots in the KUKA portfolio offer utmost repeatability and short cycle times in extremely confined spaces

With the new KR SCARA jointed-arm robots, KUKA is supplying reliable assistants for industrial production that particularly play to their strengths in small part assembly, materials handling and inspection tasks. In the payload category up to six kilograms, no one is a match for the KR SCARA robots.

The new KR SCARA horizontal jointed-arm robots from KUKA are ultra-compact and at the same time offer maximum cost-effectiveness. With a reach of 500 or 700 millimetres, an extremely short cycle time of just 0.36 or 0.38 seconds and an attractive price, the KR SCARA robots are ideal for pushing ahead with automation in cost-sensitive markets.

Thanks to the streamlined design and the integrated media supply, both robot variants demonstrate their abilities in numerous tasks, such as small part assembly, materials handling and inspection. 

Highly precise in operation and economical in maintenance

The internally-routed media supply for air, power and data not only makes the KR SCARA reliable in operation but also enables smart adaptation for a wide range of tasks. “The robust KR SCARA is tailor-made for utmost production efficiency. Both models are optimally prepared for the safe, quick and easy integration of peripheral devices and can thus be used for a variety of different tasks,” says Robert Fodor, Head of Platform Mechatronics Portfolio at KUKA. 

The high efficiency of the robots predestines them for enabling automation even in cost-sensitive markets. The minimal service requirements and the energy efficiency combined with extremely high availability ensure a low total cost of ownership. Fitted out with intelligent features and teamed up with the latest generation of control technology in the form of the KR C5 micro, the fast assistants perform tasks very quickly. 

In the form of the KR SCARA, we are supplying an overall package that is so far one of a kind. It is light and streamlined and at the same time fast and powerful. Moreover, it comes at an attractive price and quickly pays for itself,” summarizes Robert Fodor.

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