Open IIOT's Demo Unit will be on show at Auspack 2022

Open IIoT group to exhibit ‘smart’ demo at AUSPACK 2022

Open IIoT is on the road again and can be seen live and in action at AUSPACK 2022 in Melbourne.
Kuka robotics in Manufacturing

Industry 4.0: Futureproofing workflows and supply chain management

The instability and disruption brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic exposed vulnerabilities in the Australian manufacturing sector. These primarily relate to issues around labour shortages and volatile supply chains.
Managing Covid-19 threats on the factory floor with IIOT

Managing Covid-19 threats on the factory floor

The rapid uptick of manufacturers integrating IIoT technologies…
Lindy Hughson interviews Open IIOT for PKN Podcast

Open IIOT on PKN Packaging News Podcast

Vendor collaboration underpins a successful transition to smart…

Report: companies need to overcome hesitation to reap Industry 4.0 benefits

A new report on digitalisation in Australia’s industries indicates…

IoT in agriculture, from oysters to apples

The global population is growing fast and by 2050 it is expected…